Galilee Auto Service

About our Shop
Our Technicians are certified and quality trained. They want to work with you to fix the problem. From a tire change to a full motor swap our mechanics know what they are doing and how to accomplish the task as quick as possible. With the lowest certified shop rate in the wheat city, you can feel happy and satisfied getting your work done here.
What we can do for you

The shop has 5 hoists with 2 professional certified mechanics that follow the books.

Shop Foreman and MPI Certified Mechanic: Scott Marlow

MPI Certified Mechanic: Abdul Banuga

  • $100 Per Hour Shop Rate
  • $55.95 Oil Changes up to 5L
  • 5 Mechanical Hoists CERTIFIED
  • Ton Safety Station with Hoists
  • By The Book Shop Rates (Mitchell)
  • CERTIFIED Safety Station

From Tires to Engines we can do it all!

CALL US NOW (204)726-0034
Warranty and Services

Galilee Auto Sales deals with Global Warranty, an aftermarket warranty service that we provide to all of our customers on all of our vehicles. And our Technicians are certified to do the repairs. This means that when you buy here you can be assured that you don't have to run all over the place to get something repaired. Galilee Auto Sales LTD is your one stop shop, from sales to service.


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